Auto Detect Timezone

Auto Detect Timezone feature in neetoCal simplifies the scheduling process by automatically adjusting the displayed time based on participants' detected timezones. It eliminates confusion, prevents scheduling errors, and ensures that everyone can view the scheduled time accurately in their local timezone.

Auto Detect Timezone

How does the Auto Detect Timezone feature work in neetoCal?

When invitees receive a meeting invitation or access a scheduling link, neetoCal detects their device or browser settings to determine their current timezone. The scheduled time is then automatically adjusted and displayed in their local timezone for clarity and convenience.

Why is the Auto Detect Timezone feature important?

The Auto Detect Timezone feature eliminates the need for manual timezone conversions and prevents scheduling conflicts caused by misinterpretations of time zones. It ensures that participants from different regions or countries can accurately view and understand the scheduled time, reducing confusion and potential missed meetings.

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