Custom Availability

Custom Availability feature in NeetoCal provides you with the flexibility to set your preferred working hours and availability for scheduling appointments or meetings. It ensures that the booking system aligns with your specific availability, improves efficiency, and reduces scheduling conflicts. It also includes the Availability Override functionality, which provides even more flexibility in managing your schedule.

Custom Availability

What is Availability Override in NeetoCal?

Availability Override allows you to make temporary changes to your availability for specific dates or time slots. It lets you override your existing availability to edit or add new time slots for meetings on selected occasions.

How can I set my Custom Availability in NeetoCal?

To set your Custom Availability in NeetoCal, you can access the Availability section of the platform. From there, you can define your working hours and select the days of the week you are available.

Can I set different availability for different meeting links or clients?

Yes, NeetoCal allows you to set different availability for different meeting links or clients. You can customize your availability based on the type of appointment or meeting, ensuring flexibility in managing your schedule for various purposes or specific clients' needs.

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