Recurring meeting

Clients can schedule recurring meetings, such as weekly guitar lessons or therapy sessions. If your client wants to pre-book sessions for the next six weeks, NeetoCal reserves the time slots on the same day and time for the next six weeks. In cases where the host is not available, the client can change the time or day for that particular week. For paid meetings, the client's card isn't charged until 48 hours before each meeting, giving clients the flexibility to cancel anytime. Recurring meetings are a secure and convenient way for clients to pre-book regular meetings without immediate charges.

Recurring meeting

Is there a limit to the number of occurrences in a recurring meeting?

NeetoCal allows your clients to pre-book slots maximum for 20 weeks. Clients can set the number of weeks based on their needs.

What happens if I want to cancel or reschedule a particular meeting of recurring meetings?

You can cancel or reschedule any particular meeting of recurring meetings without affecting the rest.

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