Accept Payment Using Stripe

Payment feature in NeetoCal allows you to collect payments for your sessions or appointments by integrating your Stripe account with NeetoCal. By accepting payments ahead of the session, NeetoCal helps mitigate the risk of no-shows. Clients are more likely to honor their commitments when they have already made a payment. It saves time and effort in following up with payment requests and increases the overall efficiency of your business.

Accept Payment Using Stripe

Are there any additional fees associated with using Stripe for payments in NeetoCal?

NeetoCal doesn't charge any additional fees for using Stripe as the payment processor. However, Stripe may have its own fees for processing payments. Please review Stripe's pricing details for more information.

Can I use any other payment processor instead of Stripe with NeetoCal?

Currently, NeetoCal supports only Stripe as the payment processor.

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